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Regular and consistent Bible reading is absolutely necessary for having a strong walk with Christ. More than any song, book, or sermon, the Word of God is given to us to nourish our souls by teaching us not only who God is, but how we can know him.


At New Beginnings, we want to do everything we can to help you build a strong habit of drawing near to the Lord daily through the Bible:


One way you can do this is by download our Scripture reading plan from our website. This is the schedule that we do together. This plan is designed for people who are not used to reading the Bible every day. Most days, this plan will only require you to do two chapters, which can be finished in less than ten minutes a day. At this pace, we complete half of the Old Testament every year, and the entire New Testament and Psalms. Next year, you finish the Old Testament and repeat with the New Testament and Psalms. This gives you the double benefit of not committing to more than you are able to do and running after steam shortly after you start, and of allowing you time to meditate and pray over things that you find helpful in your daily readings. If you would like supplemental reading for each day’s passages, with additional insights, we recommend following along in DA Carson’s For the Love of God daily devotional.


We hope you can join us in this exciting effort. But even if you can’t, it still is our prayer that you would be setting aside time every day to encounter God in his Scripture.